Tonneau Covers


Fabric Spec: 100% Acrylic Canvas

PU Coated – Adds a barrier layer to the underside of the Acrylic Canvas

Increasing water resistance and still allowing air permeability, making it the perfect choice of fabric for your boats protection against the elements.


Colour collection:


Yellow Dark Blue Beige White Orange Admiral Navy Rust Sky blue

Burgundy Grey Maize Off White Navy Brown Black Ocre Mid Red Jade

Bright Red Mid Blue Emerald Bottle Green Lime Green Lavender Café

Vanilla Silver Dark Grey Turquoise Blue Tweed Green Tweed Red Tweed

Black Tweed Midnight Blue Sapphire Pink Linen Indigo Taupe Plum Hemp Beige


Snap Fasteners/Fixings


The fixings comprise of the following:

Cap – Socket – Stud and Post

The cap comes as standard or with a choice of the following colours:


Navy Blue White Black Beige Maroon (Burgundy) Green(Bottle) Grey Light Grey Jade Red Mid Blue


Tonneau covers are stitched with Dabond (high strength low stretch thread) this thread has a good resistance to UV, Mildew and Abrasion.

Thread available in a choice of 8 colours:

White Black Navy Green Red Pacific Blue Chestnut Ivory to choose from to compliment the chosen colour of canvas.